BTPV3: The Heathen's Road To Heaven

by David Broyles (Dr. Pants)

Ocean Blues 02:52
One Month 04:11
EEP! 01:57
The Beach 04:22
Fred Said 03:43
People 02:23
Down 02:46
Now I Want 03:56
Uncertainty 08:46


BEFORE THE PANTS VOLUME 3: The Heathen's Road To Heaven. 25th Anniversary Edition.

There was a time when I naively thought I would release an album every year for the rest of my life. One year after this release, that dream would teeter a bit, and then completely fall apart around 1998. But for the first two years, I managed to do it!

One significant thing occurred shortly before this album was recorded: I obtained a used Kawai drum machine for $100. This enabled me to record something that sounded more like the music in my head; many of these songs (as well as a number of the songs on Music For the Purple Ants and Week) were written with the intent of a band performing them, and the drum machine got me a lot closer to that sound than the potato chip can from the previous year had.

I also had to get my 4-track cassette recorder repaired before recording commenced. I had accidentally fried it by attempting to use the wrong AC adapter with it towards the end of spring 1994. In fact, the recordings of two of the songs on this reissue ("The Beach" and "Doesn't Matter") are not the ones I initially used on the cassettes I released in 1994. The ones I originally put on it were recorded prior to the 4-track's repair, and had an oppressive electric hum in them. I am happy to have that hum gone.

I am "reissuing" this now in hopes that 1) there are still people out there who remember this cassette (and the ones that preceded/followed it) in a relatively fond manner, and might like to obtain a digital copy and 2) there are people I have met since who like what I do enough that they would feel compelled to investigate my "juvenilia" as it were.

Contains 3 bonus tracks:
"Down (Hello Cleveland Version)" was recorded in the Bridge Room at the College of Santa Fe some time in 1994, I believe.
"It May Be True (Live 1999)" was recorded at the very first Dr. Pants show (that wasn't an open mic performance) at Galileo in the fall of 1999.
"Real Song (Outtake)" was actually recorded during the sessions for my 3rd album, Mr. Utopia, but the song was written during the same period of time as all the other ones on THIS I felt that it should be a bonus track here.


released July 1, 1994

All songs composed by David C. Broyles except one line in "Fred Said" by Jim Broyles and one line in "Now I Want" by Louise Goldberg.

All sounds, instruments and vocals by David C. Broyles, except the following:

Drums on "Down (Hello Cleveland Version)" by Brian Williams
Acoustic guitar and background vocals on "It May Be True (Live 1999)" by Brian Byrne.

Cover design and layout by David Broyles & Nathan Lorenz.


all rights reserved



Dr. Pants Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dr. Pants and Weird Files are the musical monikers of David Broyles, a songwriter/composer from Oklahoma City. Rock, folk, hip hop, electronic music, chamber composition and other things, from a nerdy, quirky perspective.

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