BTPV4: Mr. Utopia

by David Broyles (Dr. Pants)

Almost Toast 03:39
Give Up 03:51
Tomorrow 02:54
Being Away 03:47
Paranoia 06:33
Us 04:58
Mr. Utopia 05:19
Together 05:05


Before there was Dr. Pants…

…there was Mr. Utopia. It was my third and final homespun cassette of “song-oriented” material before I would morph into Dr. Pants around 1998 or so. I think it is easily the strongest of those albums; my songwriting had grown in the first two years I was in New Mexico at the College of Santa Fe, and even more so, my ability to manipulate my 4-track cassette recorder had improved. My teacher and mentor Kevin Zoernig even told my classmates at CSF that it was the best production he had ever heard on 4-track cassette. I wore that like a badge of honor, I’ll tell ya.

The music within, despite its improvements over what came before, still feels like juvenilia to me some of the time. My wide-eyed, innocent sincerity was still pretty prevalent. I am sure some would argue that I still write that way, but maybe in a more “mature” way? When I listen, I hear a younger me that is trying desperately to hold on to innocence; events in my personal life would take away some of it in the next few years. All of that said, it’s still a record I’m proud of. It certainly has a focus to it that Feezle Day, the first Dr. Pants release, does not.

I managed to find a few extra goodies to make into bonus tracks…but not as much as I hoped I would. Several outtakes from these sessions would end up on Feezle Day 4 years later, and some others would get edited, chopped up, and incorporated into Werks, the first “absurdwave”/avant sort of release I put out in 1997. So, we have some more stripped down versions of several songs that I recorded during the period of 1995-1997. The versions of “Great Job With Me” and “Song For Manic Days” were recorded for acoustic demo tapes I used to book gigs during that time. “Give Up” is a first draft of the song that I recorded right after I wrote it.

I am "reissuing" this now in hopes that 1) there are still people out there who remember this cassette (and the ones that preceded it) in a relatively fond manner, and might like to obtain a digital copy and 2) there are people I have met since who like what I do enough that they would feel compelled to investigate this early material.

I have decided to not include a pdf of the original liner notes of this release for personal reasons.


released January 21, 1996

All material composed, performed, recorded and produced by David C. Broyles, EXCEPT:
The voice of Scott Hakel is heard on (Theme From) Mr. Utopia.
Cover art by Phil Gonzales (Dave caricature) and Brian Williams (the rest of the stuff).


all rights reserved



Dr. Pants Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dr. Pants and Weird Files are the musical monikers of David Broyles, a songwriter/composer from Oklahoma City. Rock, folk, hip hop, electronic music, chamber composition and other things, from a nerdy, quirky perspective.

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