Hopefully (Let It Be So)

by Dr. Pants

Like Dave from Kids In the Hall I’m just a guy Trying to navigate what it means to be alive As a tail end Gen X dude in 2020 OKC ain’t like Philly where it’s always sunny I stay in Oklahoma so I can be the change I wanna leave it better than it was when I came Teach the kids, make the records and write the songs offer up my thoughts in music whether they be right or wrong My style is old school But my opinions are not It’s like a dozen Yes albums, how progressive I’ve got It don’t take a detective to See our country is complicit Of protecting the privileged And all their deep pockets, listen 45 never been a president to me That number’s reserved for 7 inch vinyl, see White collar criminal don’t get to share a name With records that inspired me to get into the game Hopefully not long after this drops Donald Trump will be in jail A doer of deeds way worse than emails And I say to you Let it be so Let it be so Hopefully by the time this record’s out A few minds will repent Of their racism directed at immigrants And I say to you Let it be so Let it be so All the folks on the right say they’re afraid of socialism They all believe the fearmongers increasing the schism Between the two factions at war in our nation All drinking from the fountain of disinformation I’m not afraid of my tax dollars helping someone else Who doesn’t have my privilege and can’t help themselves The playing field isn’t even Bootstraps are an illusion only the rich believe in If you’ve lived all your life white, cis and straight Facts are no one’s gonna try to take your rights away It’s also true Trump would have never been elected Without the lies main lined to your brain undetected The forces at work that want to make you fearful Only care about power and they’ll give you twenty ears full Of rhetoric designed to put you on the defensive And make your vote morally expensive Hopefully in the future Mike Pence will realize his faith Preaches oppression to those who differentiate And I say to you Let it be so Let it be so Hopefully by the time this hits the net one person of privilege Will decide that it really does take a village And I say to you Let it be so Let it be so This isn’t the election many wanted Our hearts are battered, our hearts are haunted By ideas in our minds of what America could be What it would look like for all of us to be truly free Take the gains we can get and keep working keep dreaming Organize better, try harder, positive scheming It’s a long road ahead, my friends Just remember to love each other to the end Hopefully at some point Mitch McConnell will have a change of heart Stop trying to tear our country apart And I say to you Let it be so Let it be so Hopefully by the time this track’s released A few folks will have done Something in their town that benefits everyone And I say to you Let it be so Let it be so Let it be so
You were an ensign on discovery And you were training for command An engineer that was top tier Your brain, it was so grand But then Control came and blew a hole Right into your best laid plans Your beauty beckons from the 32nd Don’t you understand? You got me floating in midair With your pottymouth and your red hair Oh Tilly, I’m so silly for you Please walk my way across the shuttle bay, And be my boo I love you more than Kate Mulgrew Sylvia, I hope I make you silly, too I’ll always consent if you need to vent About your shitty mom I hope the retrofit includes a holodeck So I can take you to the prom With your skin of porcelain You’re a work of finest art You’ll be acting number one onboard And always in my heart And I know you dig musicians Come and take me on a five year mission


I asked Kenneth Murray to see if he could write a hip-hop beat. He came back with most of the track to "Hopefully (Let It Be So)". It inspired me to write the song, and I added a few things. Honest feelings and beliefs about where I'm at with this country.

If hip-hop isn't your thing, the other song is a little sixties-sounding jam about a Star Trek character.


released December 4, 2020

Produced, mixed & mastered by David Broyles.
Cover design by David Broyles.


all rights reserved



Dr. Pants Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dr. Pants and Weird Files are the musical monikers of David Broyles, a songwriter/composer from Oklahoma City. Rock, folk, hip hop, electronic music, chamber composition and other things, from a nerdy, quirky perspective.

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